DEB 56827 InstantFOAM Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 1L Cartridge EACH

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DEB 56827 InstantFOAM Non-Alcohol Hand Sanitizer 1L Cartridge EACH

Alcohol Free Foaming Hand Sanitizer

Kills up to 99.99% of many common germs in 30 seconds

InstantFoam™ Non-Alcohol is an foaming hand sanitizer solution for areas where flammable or alcohol-based products are a concern, making it the ideal hand hygiene product for schools, prisons, or health institutions. The foam formula provides user with control of the product, allows for more handwashes than liquid products and contains skin conditioner to prevent dryness.

Where to use: Ideal for areas where alcohol-based/flammable products are a concern such as schools, prisons, health institutions

  • Non-alcohol based foam hand sanitizer - ideal for areas where alcohol-based product are a concern
  • Instant foam action - dispensed as foam, providing user with complete control of the product, preventing dripping and splashing
  • Clinically proven skin friendly formula - independently tested and proven to prevent skin dryness even after frequent use
  • Contains skin conditioner - to prevent skin dryness

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